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Today - Individual
Nicolina Cale105
profcos Resident1
Today - Team
The Queendom of Gaia105
WinterCharm Magic1
This Week - Individual
Beach Beebe5718
Nicolina Cale2342
Dilon Mocha1855
Draxtyn Tremor1311
Miles Corinthian336
TheClive Resident46
Kavanagh Resident32
Doman Onmura8
ElizabethCadyStanton Resident6
Maggie Sewell5
Azimuth Alderson4
EvelynTaub Resident4
LinNya101 Resident1
CarlaSea Resident1
bellamarieswanf Resident1
This Week - Team
The Station7572
The Queendom of Gaia2346
Twilight Cove1314
Sharons Diner373
Unwinding Hour46
Black Eyed Pea6
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 6
Canis Beach1
The Cats Lair1
WinterCharm Magic1
This Month - Individual
Beach Beebe19246
Dilon Mocha7318
Nicolina Cale5707
Draxtyn Tremor5543
Miles Corinthian695
Azimuth Alderson171
TheClive Resident123
Paperm00n301 Resident104
katie Lefevre81
Doman Onmura78
Kavanagh Resident65
Shale Nightfire51
Sarah Menatep44
Lundy Submariner33
Xoe Jameson17
This Month - Team
The Station26567
The Queendom of Gaia5974
Twilight Cove5712
Sharons Diner838
Unwinding Hour126
Zoo Bar69
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 19
Black Eyed Pea17
Canis Beach4
The Cats Lair1
WinterCharm Magic1
This Year - Individual
disruptiveTechnology Resident1000000
Beach Beebe202649
Dilon Mocha77029
misssy Neiro31094
Nicolina Cale30606
richc2k4 Resident26933
Draxtyn Tremor24189
Saffi Collas9713
crazyPea Resident5350
EndOfTheYear Resident4172
thatgypsy Resident2792
Miles Corinthian2449
Shale Nightfire2406
Kavanagh Resident1888
AmyShark Resident1325
This Year - Team
The Station280292
Black Eyed Pea42609
The Queendom of Gaia32414
F.P. come back :-)32286
Twilight Cove29646
The Silver Garage26625
Cafe Trivia17977
Sharons Diner10432
Zoo Bar4025
Mood Indigo2984
$L TRIVIA CAFE ~ Isabel 2188
* VIRTUAL *2158
Tranquil Falls1815
Under Construction Trivia Group1208
All Time - Individual
Beach Beebe1421619
disruptiveTechnology Resident1000000
freya Morgath622892
Draxtyn Tremor451301
Elder Lubitsch345536
MyFatherSmelledOf Alderbury316430
DeborahAnn Capalini262398
Dilon Mocha222676
Fiona DuCasse220278
Georgia Caerndow206683
Nicolina Cale180951
Ella Jansma175750
Pim Strom170631
Samohung Johin153348
Francine Susanti146370
All Time - Team
Cafe Trivia2671325
Fantasy Isles2002369
Twilight Cove1391537
Tranquil Falls884742
cuppycake gumdrop532933
Club AMS449022
The Station432650
Zoo Bar302755
Sunflower Trivia233977
Sunrise Trivia192223
Artemis Tavern174200
The Queendom Of Gaia171129
The Cats Lair170145
Mood Indigo169404

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