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Today - Individual
DeborahAnn Capalini214
Blachinest Resident23
Death Millet5
God Nishi4
Today - Team
Fantasy Isles214
Sharons Diner32
This Week - Individual
Beach Beebe3698
Draxtyn Tremor555
DeborahAnn Capalini315
Fiz Laval70
willsisskind Resident54
Blachinest Resident23
StormyMarcus Resident19
DevonWarwick Resident18
taliwolf1979 Resident16
DanteOsaka Deschanel15
Bill Mock9
TheClive Resident9
Alexia Hykova7
Death Millet5
God Nishi4
This Week - Team
Cafe Trivia3718
Twilight Cove698
Fantasy Isles315
Sharons Diner60
Black Eyed Pea26
Unwinding Hour9
The Cats Lair1
This Month - Individual
Beach Beebe13934
Draxtyn Tremor4525
DeborahAnn Capalini1660
Fiz Laval130
TheClive Resident67
willsisskind Resident64
Sharon Scofield58
Lukos Tairov53
Nelly Swindlehurst50
StormyMarcus Resident43
DennisDallas Resident33
Lotus Ceriano29
LaurelGrant Resident27
Saucy Lemon27
Francine Susanti26
This Month - Team
Cafe Trivia13981
Twilight Cove4770
Fantasy Isles1661
Sharons Diner383
Unwinding Hour94
Black Eyed Pea37
Tranquil Falls16
The Cats Lair8
This Year - Individual
Beach Beebe209364
Draxtyn Tremor67582
DeborahAnn Capalini16469
Blowie2 Resident7959
Nicolina Cale5762
Fiz Laval2185
TheClive Resident1337
katie Lefevre988
Eleanora Miles918
AuroraBrynn Resident845
Francine Susanti526
Galilla Sinatra449
Rug Halberd374
DanteOsaka Deschanel345
Sharon Scofield319
This Year - Team
Cafe Trivia210690
Twilight Cove73034
Fantasy Isles16474
The Queendom of Gaia5782
Sharons Diner1484
Unwinding Hour1466
Decembers Night Club154
The Cats Lair139
Black Eyed Pea137
Tranquil Falls75
The Silver Garage26
Zoo Bar10
2 Broke Sisters1
All Time - Individual
Beach Beebe2159634
Draxtyn Tremor623101
freya Morgath622892
DeborahAnn Capalini374495
Elder Lubitsch345536
MyFatherSmelledOf Alderbury316430
Dilon Mocha266190
Fiona DuCasse220278
Nicolina Cale207917
Georgia Caerndow206683
Ella Jansma175750
Pim Strom170631
Samohung Johin153348
Francine Susanti147962
FidgetOh Resident144571
All Time - Team
Cafe Trivia3084575
Fantasy Isles2113477
Twilight Cove1578419
Tranquil Falls885012
The Station770803
cuppycake gumdrop532933
Club AMS449022
Zoo Bar302805
Sunflower Trivia233977
The Queendom Of Gaia198014
Sunrise Trivia192253
Artemis Tavern174200
The Cats Lair170724
Mood Indigo169404

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